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Mobile Soft Archery Hire - Archery for Events

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Soft Archery Hire

Mobile soft archery hire for weddings, corporate events, team building, birthday parties and just for fun!


Soft Archery is a perfect introduction to the sport of archery and is ideal for anyone who has never shot a bow (and arrow) before.

Our introduction to archery/soft archery session comes with everything you need for an amazing experience;

  • Instructor

  • Bows

  • Arrows

  • Targets

  • Safety Equipment

  • Gazebo (just in-case it rains!)


Our no pressure session allows participants to develop at their own pace and because we use safety arrows people are free to concentrate on the shooting and not endless health and safety concerns. 

The introduction to archery sessions run for two hours with a typical session consisting of;

  • Introduction to the equipment

  • How to shoot basic instruction

  • First shot

  • Second shot!

  • Start totting up the scores (our score cards can be personalised if required)

  • Archery games – hit the ring, spill the ball and knockout targets.


As part of our soft archery session we’re happy to split you into groups to aid team building or just spice up the competition. Upon request we can also provide a small trophy for the best shooter on the day.

Soft archery sessions have the advantage that they can be run inside or outside;


Our mobile soft archery hire sessions start from £225.


To discuss your requirements simply contact us now.

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