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Music Bingo Hire for Corporate and Social Events


Music Bingo, Disco Bingo or Rock and Roll Bingo is the perfect interactive, light hearted, entertainment for corporate events, conferences, social events and parties. 


Rock and Roll Bingo is a take on traditional bingo. But instead of numbers you hear short clips of some of the most popular songs on the planet!

Ideal as a fun activity between courses at a dinner, a break out activity at a conference, the main activity for a social function or just a brilliant way to finish off any event.

The game is flexible enough to be played individually, as teams or in tables. I can present the game for parties of all sizes and offer packages suitable for up-to 80 players, from 80 - 120 players and for over 120 players.

How Rock and Roll Bingo Works


Music bingo, or Rock and Roll Bingo, is a music quiz where you have the answers in-front of you!


Guests are loaned a bingo dabber and given a music bingo card. Each bingo card contains 15 song titles and the name of the artist that performed the song. When a player hears a song on their card they simply dab it out. Prizes are awarded for a line and a full house - just like traditional bingo.

Music bingo can be the main entertainment at an event or played between courses at a dinner. It’s a great ice breaker and can be used at networking events where it puts everyone at total ease.

Throughout the activity singing along and dancing are positively encouraged - in-fact it's virtually impossible not to, just don't forget to dab!

Rock and Roll Bingo Package

The music bingo (Rock and Roll Bingo) activity is totally self-contained. We provide the presenter, sound system, loan bingo dabbers, bingo cards and a great atmosphere. In-fact the only thing you need to provide are the people and the prizes!


The activity takes up-to two hours with each game taking about 15 minutes. ​

If you're planning to play music bingo to round off an event we can also provide up-to two hours of background music before we start playing the game. A radio microphone can also be supplied if you need to say a few words to introduce the activity or conclude your event.

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