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Giant Garden Games Hire - Giant Lawn Games


Giant Garden Games Hire

Styled on a mixture of giant games and vintage fair games our range is ideal for providing fun for the young and the young at heart.

Our range of giant games are authentic in their look and feel. As such they are ideal for rustic theme events, al fresco events, weddings, corporate celebrations or any occasion where you need a stylish way to keep your guests entertained.


Packages consist of your choices from a range of great games. We can then add stylish finishing touches and an optional attendant to interact with your guests and keep the games looking amazing and ready for the next player.

  • Truly Giant Jenga - the classic don't knock it down game but on a truly huge scale (starts at 1.2mtrs & goes up from there)

  • Giant Connect 4 - it's the classic game on a really GIANT scale (1.3mtrs wide x 1mtr high)

  • Hook a Duck - bobbing ducks in a 1.2 metre metal bath and poles to catch them.

  • Tin Can Alley - firm favourite throwing game. Choose from rustic "cans" or traditional tin cans. 

  • Knock em Down Ducks - cute beanbag game. Knock the ducks off their perch.

  • Coconut Shy - comes with real target coconuts, balls and protective background (the coconut shy can be easily turned into a prize shy for an additional £25 on your package price)

  • Hoopla - throw the wooden ring over the target; it's easy! 

  • Mini, Mini Golf - five holes of crazy golf including clubs for all ages and balls.

  • Cornhole/ Bean Bag Toss - score 3 points for getting the corn bag through the hole

  • Space Hoppers - Four space hoppers just for fun or race them 

  • Roll-a-ball - Roll a ball and see how many points you score

  • Darts - child friendly board and darts on a freestanding antique door. Score over 21 to win

  • Badminton - classic garden activity with attractive macrame net

  • Bowl a Ball - Roll cricket balls and add-up how many points you score against your friends.

  • Rustic Swing Ball - Static tennis anyone?

  • Giant Buzz Wire - Our colourful giant buzzer game is always a firm favourite

  • Ball in a Bucket - one of more colourful games it always looks waaaay easier than it is. Can you do it?

  • Horseshoes - test your aim and ring the target pole. Comes with it's own sand pit just like in the old days

  • Croquet - the most classic of all lawn games

  • Sack Racing - up-to six hessian sacks and start and finish lines for proper old school racing

  • Noughts and Crosses - flexible large rustic version of the classic pen and paper game

  • Quoits/Ring Toss - throw the ring over the peg for points

  • Limbo Set - how low can you go?

  • Skipping Ropes and Hula Hoops​

  • Giant Dominoes - a firm favourite pub game but on a massive scale.

  • Tug of War Rope - two teams try to pull each other over; dig in and PULL (it makes a fantastic giant skipping rope too)

Giant Garden Games Packages

All our packages include delivery, set-up and collection. Fees vary depending on the date of your function, location and amount of time the games are required for. For guidance our fees start from as little as £275

Package 1 - Up-to six games of your choice; 


Package 2 - Up-to eight games of your choice


Package 3 is the ultimate games experience; Up-to ten games of your choice, lots of attractive bunting and an attendant to reset the games - from £395

Our hire packages are covered by a contract for your peace of mind and uniquely we do NOT charge you a booking deposit. We can also provide risk assessments to your venue if required. 

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Kind Words

brilliant from the day we started talking up to and including event day where the set up was fun and Steve himself was very approachable and helpful. Superb addition to our day would recommend to anyone!

Rob L

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